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What is a Friar?

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The Friar is a member of a religious group sworn to povernty and living on charitable donations for the people. He is a very festive fellow , he is promisquis man . He is the mellowist of the all the four orders . He likes to blackmail people for his own personal gain ,and out of all of Chaucer's characters, he is one of the only one who has a name, which is Hubert. Despite his position in the church, he doesn't have the god like qualities that you would think a man of his posistion would obtain. The bad thing about this character is that he doesn't think of others he only thinks of himself and what other's think of him.


Four Orders: **Doninican****Carmelites****Franciscan****Augustinians**.


He is a very fair complected, husky bald man that doesn't have very good qualities except for his title as a Friar. For one he doesn't do what the church asks of him and he likes to flirt with the young brides that he works with. He also knows all of the innkeepers and the barnmaids at each inn that the group stops at.


  • Personable- (adj) pleasing in behavior and appearance.
  • Accure- (verb) to be added or gained; to accumulate.
  • Limiter- a licensed to beg for donations in a limited.
  • Palfrey- saddle horse.
  • Wanton- playful jolly.
  • Friar- member of a religous group of sworn to poverty and living on charitable donations.

Friar's Tale:

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