The Manciple - A steward or buyer of provisions as for an English college or monastery.dictionary

  • Inner Temple - One of the inns of court.
  • His masters - The lawyers that the Manciple feeds.
  • Abtrusest - Most scholarly and difficult to understand.
  • Stewards...Peer - Estate managers for any nobleman.
  • No physical description given.
  • Illiterate-
  • rob_
  • Worked For a college of lawyers.
  • oxford_university_collegesall_souls.jpg
  • Smarter then the average manciple "bear."
  • yogi_bear_Costume0786.jpg
  • All caterers might follow his example in buying victuals; he was never rash whether he paid on credit or in cash."
    • He was a great businessman and always knew what was happening with his money, yet he was never greedy.
    • Being Jay-Z and 50 Cent's biggest fan, he knew how to stack that paper and had no problem sharing it with the hunnies.

fat-albert.jpg Hey Hey Hey!! "Now isn't it a marvel of god's grace that an illiterate fellow can outpace the wisdom of a heap of learned men?"

Manciple's Tale

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