The Manciple

Table of Content

  • Words to Know
  • Characteristics
  • Attitude/behaviors
  • Allusions/references
  • Visuals
  • Chaucer's view
  • Possible Actor
  • Resources used

Words To Know

  • Inner Temple
    • one of the Inns of Court
  • His Master
    • the lawyers that the Manciple feed
  • Abstrusest
    • most scholarly and difficult to understand
  • Stewards...peer
    • estate managers for any nobleman
  • Wipe their eye
    • outdo them


  • Of the Mercantile Class
  • Life is good for him as working for lawyers
  • "The Manciple came from the Inner Temple"
  • Probably in late twenties
  • Average looking

Attitude and Behaviors

  • Never rash
    • "In buying victuals, he was never rash whether he bought on credit or paid cash."
  • Intelligent
    • "Now isn't it a marvel that of God's grace that an illiterate fellow can out pace the wisdom of a heap of learned men?"
    • "And yet this Manciple could wipe their [the learned men] eye."

Allusions and References

  • Because Chaucer doesn't state physical descriptions of the Manciple and tells of how he's more intelligent than the men who went to school even though he didn't is a bit of an allusion and refers to the saying "don't judge a book by its cover."



canterbury_tales.png 22man

Chaucer's View

  • Only 19 lines in the Manciple's prologue
  • Based on a "real-life" model because he is very street smart and can learn from his own experiences. Is a hands on learner. So even though he didn't go to school he is still very intelligent and goes against the stereotype of being dumb.
  • Is a good man and leads a pretty good life.

Possible Actor

  • john_turturro_5147499.jpg
    John Turturro

Resources Used

  • www.classzone.com
  • www.enotes.com