"For he could go and win the ram at any wrestling show" ln. (564)

  • Words ta know

  1. Stone- Unit equal to 14 pounds aka he weighs 224 lbs
  2. Wrangler- Loud and very argumentative person
  3. Buffoon- A fool
  4. Sow- Piggy
  5. Vulgar- Sick nasty rude
  6. Tuft- Patch a hair
  7. Buckler- small wooden shield

  • Whats he look like

  1. Stocky and short
  2. Ginger- red hair
  3. Pointy nose with a gross wart on the end of it
  4. White coat with a blue hood
  5. Dirty, he nostrils were black with dirt and what not
  6. Spade like beard

  • What class is he

He isn't one who fights, even though he has a buckler and sword. He works, but not for some lord so he is in the mercantile class.

  • What he was like
  1. Sly as a fox when it came to dealing with grain
  2. Loud and played the bagpipes, in such a way it got them kicked out of the town
  3. Meat head, boasts about what he can do with his brute strength
  4. Vulgar language and stories which he told at bars and inns

"He was a master-hand at stealing grain. He felt it with his thumb and thus he knew its quality and took three times his due. A thumb of gold, by God, to gauge an oat!" ln. (578-581)

I think Chaucer was making fun of the church, because the phrase "a thumb of gold" refers to the bible, meaning he was honest, when obviously he wasn't if he was taking three times his due.

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