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Vocab:Abbot- the head of a monastery.

† Personable- Pleasing in behavior and appearance.

† To course- for hunting.

† Dainty- excellent.


Description: Personable priest, speaks his mind freely, an abbot, and of course dainty.


Profession: To ring the church bell.

Type of monk: Christian.

Behavior: Ignores the rules of what a monk should be and breaks almost every rule that he has vowed to.

(The Rule of St. Benet or St. Maur as old and strict he tended to ignore; he let go by the things of yesterday and took the modern world's more spacious way. He did not rate that text at a plucked hen which says that hunters are not holy men...
-Canterbury Tales, line: 177)

Characteristics: Bald head, oily face and fat.

Likes: Hunting, food, animals, God, and collects horses.

A good actor to play the monk: Charles Sutton.