He had yellow,waxy hair that hung in ringlets like rat tails and bulging eyes like a hare's. He had no beard, nor was able to grow one and he was bald. He wore loose clothes. Overall, he had an unclean, poor appearance.

Behavior: Misuses his position to weed money from the poor by selling them useless relics. He was a noble in church and he could sell easily by manipulating people. Very rich and wants everyone to know it, so he flaunts his money.

Estate of Character: He is from the Church so he fits into the 1st estate. He has money and likes to show it off, but not spend it. He makes money off of poor country people by selling them useless relics, which shows that he abuses his station. He isn't a very good member of society because he weeds from the poor.

  • Pardon - an ecclesiastical official authorized to sell indulgences
  • Diocese - the distinct under the jurisdiction of a bishop
  • Wallet - a bag for carrying food, clothing, toilet articles, etc.
  • Duress - compulsion by means of threats
  • Prevarication - speak falsely or misleadingly

Allusions and References:
  • (Line 690) "A bird from Charing Cross of the same feather"--he is much like the summoner
  • (Line 704) "He had bulging eye-balls, like a hare"--eyes bulge much like that of a rabbit
  • (Line 694) "No trumpet ever sounded half so strong"--refers to his strong voice while singing
  • (Line 706) "Wallet lay before him on his lap"--likes to flaunt his riches/money
  • (Line 695) "Had hair yellow as wax" and (Line 696) "Hanging down smoothly like a hank of flax" and Hung in ringlets like a rat's tail--shows he is unclean
  • (Line 708) "Had same small voice a goat has got"--annoying spmillerel341eaking voice
  • (Line 709) "Chin harbored no beard/nor would"--couldn't grow a beard, so "not a real man" as many would say
  • (Line 703) "But for a little cap his head was bare"--bald
  • (Line 732) "He'd have to preach and tune his honey-tongue and (well he could) win silver from the crowd. That's why he sang so merrily and loud"--one way that he was so successful at his job and made money