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Estate: The pardoner is from the church which makes him in the first estate, he is a "prayer" and he takes advantage of his job, by taking money from the religious collection.

Physical Characteristics: long yellow hair, bulging eye balls like a hair, sings loudly, has same small voice as a goat has, he also has sewed a holy relic up on his cap.

Number Lines Devoted to Character: Line #689-734

Charing Cross- a section of London
(2)Flax- a pale yellow grayish fiber used for making linen cloth
(3)Wallet- a knapsack
(4)Holy Relic- an object revered because of its association with a holy person
(5)Gelding- a castrated horse
(6)Ber wick- towns in the north & south of England
(7)Our Lady's Veil- the kerchief of the virgin Mary
(8)Offertory- the verses, anthem, or music said, sung, or played while the offerings of the people are received at a religious service.

Patterns of speech/Topics of conversations: He often talk about hoy relics trying to persuade people to buy his holy relics(con artist). He also is a orator or public speaker trying to talk people into giving their money to the church.

Behavior: He likes to sing loudly and he is compared to a gelding hinting he is more on the feminine side of his ego.

Quotes of Interpretations:
Line #690-692 "He and a gentle Pardoner rode together A bird from Charing cross of the same feather just back from visiting the court of Rome"
Line#708 "He had the same small voice of a goat"
Line#704 "He had bulging eye-balls, like a hare"

Interaction with other Characters: The pardoner's interaction with people is very negative because he tricks people into buying fake holy relics by flattering the customer to buy his product, so he lies when he is a member of a church making him a hypocrite, and a liar the pardoner doesn't seem to have computation of cautions of his deeds. He also sings with more emotion during the offertory, when he also pockets some of the money as he takes offerings.

Hollywood Actor: Sean Pen
sean_penn_1866348.jpg Sean Pen played Harvey Milk in a movie

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