Parson- is one that has full possesions of the right of the parochial church.

Table of Contents:

  • Estate
  • Allusions
  • Vocabulary
  • Destription
  • Thoughts on why Chaucer didn't give a physical description
  • Resources


  • The Church, which Chaucer believes to be a declining estate because most clergy men were corrupt.
  • In the Canterbury Tales prologue devotes lines 487 to 538. This shows that he has importance because he a nice piece and lets Chaucer get into detail about the parsons character.

  1. "He was a shepherd and no mercenary" line 525-----------this shows that he didn't want anything for what he did for people.
  2. "Wide was is parish, with houses far asunder, yet he neglected no in rain or thunder, in sickness or in grief, to pay a call on the remotest, whether great or small,..."line 501-504----------------this shows how dedicated the parson was, how no matter what the weather or if he was ill he would go and make house calls to help guide others.
  3. "Nay rather he preferred beyond a doubt giving to poor parishioners round about both from church offerings and his property"line 497-499---------------he doesn't need worldly things and that he gave all to the people who need it.
  4. "Christ and His Twelve Apostles and their lore He taught, but followed it himself before."line 537-538--------------shows that not only did he teach His word but he also followed and believed in it.
Parson's Tale=Lets you Read the prologue about the Parson.

  1. Benign- Of gentle deposition; Gracious
  2. Encumbered- weigh down, burden
  3. Contemptuous- manifesting feeling, or expressing contempt
  4. Obstinate- perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course in spite of religion, argument, or perseverancechaucer.jpg
  5. Scrupulosity- the quality, or state of being scrupulous


  • Comes from the church estate
  • "Upon his feet, and his hand a stave".....which basically says that he walks a lot and he walks with a staff.
  • "Chist and His Twelve Apostles and their lore he taught, but followed it himself before."---------Truly knew Christ and spoke his gospel with a true heart
  • "Holy and Virtuous he was, but then Never contemptuous of sinful men, Never disdainful, never to proud or fine, but was discreet in teaching and benign..."------------------honest and trustworthy

Thoughts on why Chaucer didn't give a Physical Description

  • Chaucer doesn't give a huge physical description of the Parson because his morals are far more important than his physical description.


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