A wealthy successful man who is a member of the church. He was a corrupt man though he belonged to the church he did not follow the rules of the church. He was also very wealthy. He took many bribes from people, the bribes consisted mostly of wine.

He had a GarlandRed_Berry_&_Star_Round_Garland.jpg set upon his head, he carried a cake as a joke acting like it was a shield.He has a face on fire like a cherubin, he has black scabby brows and a thin beard and narrow eyes. "Garlicgarlic.jpg he loved and onionsonion.jpg and leeks"... His face was covered in Carbuncles that "no quicksilver, lead ointment,tarter creams, no brimstone...could make a salve that had the power to bite, clean up or cure his whelks...or knobby white or purge his pimples" from his face. He would often frighten children when they saw his face.

Words to Understand
Carbuncles- Big pimples, considered a sign of lechery and drunkenness in the Middle Ages.
Cherbin- A type of Angel- in the Middle Ages often depicted with a fiery red face.
Whelks- Swellings
Diocese- The district under a bishop's supervision.
Duress- Compulsion by means of threats.
Tag- A brief quotation

The Tale of the Summoner

We think that Chaucer did not like this character because he was a very bad man and was not a good member of the church. This character was put in to basically to irritate people mainly the Friar.

"While drinking strong red wineOld_red_wine_bottle.jpg till all was hazy, Then he would shout and jabber as if crazy, And wouldn't speak a word except in Latin When he was drunk, such tags as he was pat in" lines 653-656

"Why, he'd allow ------- just for a quart of wine-------- Any good lad to keep a concubine"

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