• The Summoner is in the first estate, Those who pray. The other two are those who fight, and those who work.

  • The Summoner is not living a good life, he is abusing his power for his own pleasure. He is not a good member of society, he should be, The Summoner is supposed to make people come to court, but he is not doing it right. He takes alcohol as bribes and is not a good representative of "those who pray".

  • Chaucer makes many illusions to multiple characters, such as, The Wife of Bath, The Franklin, but Chaucer did not seem to make any allusions to The Summoner. Reason being, The Summoner was supposed to be a church official but was corrupt so Chaucer most likely couldn't reference him to anything but the devil, but did not.

Physical Characteristics
  • He was a very ugly and scary looking man, his face was covered with pimples

Attitude and Behavior
  • He loved sex and drinking, which was not acceptable from a man in the first estate. He also provoked rudeness and bad behavior, receiving bribes of money and liquor.

THE SUMMONER'S TALE - in the "Summoner's Tale" you learn that The Summoner's tale is all about a friar. The Summoner and The Friar did not get along very well.

Carbuncle-big pimples
Cherubin-a type of angle-in the middle ages often depicted with a fiery red faces.
Mugged up-memorized
Tags-brief quotations

"While drinking strong red wine till all was hazy, Then he would shout and jabber as if crazy, And wouldn't speak a word except in Latin When he was drunk, such tags as he was pat in"pg. 653-656
  • This quote means that the summoner was not a very smart man, he didn't know what he was saying, he just got drunk and rambled what he heard and tried to sound like he was smart.