The Canterbury Tales
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Wife of Bath~


Physical Appearance

Work Description



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Bath~ A city in South Western England
Ypres & Ghent~ Flemish cities famous in the middles ages for manufacturing fine wool fabrics
Wrath~ Angry
Ground~ A textured fabric
Hose~ Stocking
Forsooth~ In truth; Indeed
Wimpled~ With her hair and neck covered by a cloth headdress
Buckler~ Small round shield
Jerusalem, Rome, Boulogne, St. James of Compostella, and Cologne~ Popular destinations of reliegious pilgrims in the middle ages
Gap Teeth~ Middle age woman with insatiable lust
The Parish~ The church

Physical Appearance-

said to wear 10 lbs clothing
Woven her self
had wide gapped teeth
big hips
bright colors (Reds and Blues)
kerchiefs of finely woven ground
Deaf in one ear. Her 5th husband hit her because she ripped up a book he was reading about how bad woman act.
shoes soft and new
she had a bold face.

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Work Description-

Fine maker of cloth.
Better then those of Ypres and Ghent.


"In all the parish not a dame dared stir towards the altar steps in front of her and if indeed they did,
so wrath was she as to be quite put out of charity." lines 459-462

"A worthy woman all her life, what's more she'd had five husbands, all at the church door, apart from
other company in youth." lines 469-471


Sick and power thirsty attitude.
Thought she was better than everyone else.
cannot accept defeat no matter what the cost.
Feels this is the way things should be and men should obey her.
Had five husbands all at the church door. Apart from other company in youth.
If any other woman in the church stepped in front of her at the altar she wouldn't give her offering.
She gave offering to show what she had rather than to give it anonymously.
More interested in love then in homemaking.
Traveled a lot. Been to Jerusalem 3 times.
Also wondered to Rome, Boulogne, St. James of Compostella, and Cologne.
Didn't stop at being widowed.
She always looked for another companion.
Not a worthy woman.

Chaucers View- didn't like her because...

She was not religious but she used the Bible as justification to pardon her behavior.
She wasn't a true person of God. She used religion more as a cover than actually living by the guidelines.
She was greedy.
Did things for show, not because it was actually the right thing or good thing to do.
She was full of herself.
Felt she had to rule over her first four husbands but with the fifth she didn't succeed.
She didn't stay widowed
she was interested in love and passion more than in anything else.

Celebrity Comparison-

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Britains best TV writers give Geoffrey Chaucer's classic Canterbury Tales a modern makeover.
British actress Julie Walters played the Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath's Tale (Sally Wainwright)
The greatest change can be seen in the Wife of Bath. Played by Julie Walters, she has been transformed into Beth Craddock, a fading soap star who injects Botox to keep up with younger actresses. "The tale itself is quite short and our idea of her comes from the Prologue," says Wainwright (At Home with the Braithwaites), who has told the Prologue story in Beth's off-screen life while the tale itself unfolds through her role in the TV soap.
to view a 10 minute clip of the british film click here

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